Elliott Lupp - Composer



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Solo Electroacoustic Works



(2018) bowed-dulcimer, and live/fixed electronics


Brux No. 1

(2019) iPad controlled laptop, and fixed media


Electroacoustic Chamber Works

Away from Face

(2019) harp, electric guitar, double bass, and live/fixed electronics


Three Short Pieces to Walk to

(2018) flute, cello, found objects/percussion, and live electronics



Acoustic Chamber Works


(2018) String Quartet


The House Grows Sick

(2018) Soprano, Violin, Horn, Piano, Bowed-Dulcimer


Elucidate Ad Nauseam

(2017) Bass Clarinet, Flute, Bassoon, Voice, Horn, Cello, Violin

Fixed Media

Alteration of Sound from a Room - On a Couch

(2017) fixed media for 2.1


Thanks for a Lovely Time...

(2017) fixed media for 5.1 diffusion



(2017) fixed media for 2.1


A Classroom

(2015) fixed media for 2.1


A Mechanization of Sound

(2015) fixed media for 2.1

Solo Acoustic Works

Sonatina No. II

(2016) Piano


Array of Hand and Number

(2014) Piano


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